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Pet Travel Products 

Dog Travel Car Supplies: Premium automotive pet SUV cargo mats, dog car seat covers, dog pet car seats, Pet Gear pet carseats, dog ramps, dog car harnesses and dog vehicle barriers are under the category of dog travel car supplies. These are the best products that pet owners can use to take good care of their pets while traveling. Each dog car product gives you and your pet the maximum comfort and convenience.

      PetStep II Folding Dog Ramp
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      500 lb capacity
      70" L x 18" W (35" When Folded)
      Weighs only 18-1/2 lbs.
      PetStep HalfStep II Dog Ramp

      500 lb capacity
      39 inches long and 18 inches wide
      weighs just 11 pounds

      Solvit HitchSTEP
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      200 lb capacity
      18 inches wide
      weighs just 20 pounds

      Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Dog Ramps
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      400 lb capacity
      72"L x 20"W x 4"D (39" When Closed)
      Weighs only 13 lbs.

      Solvit Deluxe XL Telescoping Dog Ramps
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      300 lb capacity
      87"L x 20"W x 4"D (47" When Closed)
      Weighs only 18 lbs.

      Solvit Ultralight Bi-Fold Pet Ramp
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      200 lb capacity
      62"L x 16"W x 4"D
      Weighs only 10 lbs
      Solvit Half Ramp II Dog Ramp
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      200 lb capacity
      39"L x 17"W x 5"D
      Weighs only 7 lbs.

      Smart Ramp Telescoping Dog Ramp
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      300 lb capacity
      70"L x 17-1/4"W x 5-1/4"D (42" When Closed)
      Weighs only 16 lbs
      Smart Ramp Jr. Dog Ramp
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      300 lb capacity
      39-1/2"L x 20"W x 5"D
      Weighs only 8 lbs.
      Pet Gear Easy Step II Dog Stairs
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      16"H x 16"W x 22.5"D

      Pet Gear Easy Step III Dog Stairs
      buy now

      23"H x 16"W x 25.25"D

      Pet Gear Easy Step IV Dog Stairs
      buy now
      30.5"H x 16"W x 34"D
        Pet Gear IGO2 Traveler Plus Pet Carrier
        buy now

        Meets Most Airline Regulations
        7"H x 17"L x 10"W
        5 Colors Available

        Pet Gear IGO2 Traveler Plus Pet Carrier
        buy now

        Meets Most Airline Regulations
        22"H x 16"L x 13-1/2"W
        3 Colors Available

        Pet Gear IGO2 Traveler Pet Carrier
        buy now

        15"H x 16"L x 12"W
        5 Colors Available

        Pet Gear I-Go2 Day Tripper Pet Carrier
        Reg. Price:
        Sale Price:

        Meets Most Airline Regulations
        17.5"H x 12"L x 11"W

        Reg. Price:
        Sale Price:
        add product
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        Meets Most Airline Regulations
        22"H x 17"L x 14-1/2"W


        Tips for Traveling by Car with Pets

        • Before taking a long trip, give your pet some experience riding in a car. Teach your pet to sit or lie quietly in its own place, not to bother the driver, or bark at other people or vehicles. Start with short trips. Then, graduate to day trips and then to overnight or weekends.
        • Try to leave plenty of time between feeding and traveling, particularly if the animal is not used to car trips. Waiting six hours or more will help prevent car sickness. Take your pet for a walk to work off energy and to take care of any business that he may have to do. He'll be more relaxed and less nervous. 
        • Give your pet lots of water to avoid dehydration.
        • Make frequent stops so your pet can exercise and relieve himself. Make sure his leash is fastened BEFORE you open the door. They are quicker than we are. 
        • Don't let dogs lean out the window of a moving car. Flying objects or insects can cause eye and nose injuries. It's best to use a dog seat belt, dog harness or dog carrier while driving. We know it's more fun to have them in your lap, but a pet can get hurt, or worse, in a car accident, just like a person! For safety sake, your pet should be confined away from the driver, preferably in the rear seat or cargo area. 
        • Your pet should ride in the car, not in the back of a pickup truck or inside a camper or trailer.
        • To avoid pet theft and heat exhaustion, never leave your pet alone in a parked car. Temperatures inside can reach 160 degrees within minutes, even with open windows.
        • If you have to leave your pet in the car, If possible, park in the shade and leave the windows on both sides of the car open for cross ventilation.
          Don't leave your pet in the car for long periods of time, they can get heat exposure, or if cute enough, they could be stolen!
          Freezing winter days can also be a problem, so if you're traveling in winter months, bring along plenty of blankets or bedding to keep him warm!
          Make sure to leave a bowl of cold water in the car if you have to leave your pet unattended for even short periods of time. You should use distilled, purified, or tap water from home to prevent them from getting diarrhea. 
        • Always make sure your pet has their ID tags on, and the tags are up to date, just in case they get away from you. 
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